Maths Burgers!

Maths doesn’t always have to be dry and boring like a stale Vegemite sandwich. Sometimes it’s more like a juicy burger. YUM! My two Year 13 Statistics classes are learning how to investigate bi variate data through the use of scatter graphs. The students have lots of ideas to share verbally when analysing the graphs … More Maths Burgers!

Brain Food Fridays: What is Student Centred Learning?

Richard Wells, who teaches at Orewa College in Auckland regularly blogs on issues in education at his website: If you are on Twitter he is a great person to follow. (@Eduwells) He recently write a blog post titled “What is Student Centred Learning? ” In the post he  outlines some things to think about when … More Brain Food Fridays: What is Student Centred Learning?

YES They Can!

The Young Enterprise Scheme is an experiential learning experience where students run a business for a year. However, this isn’t just a longer, ongoing Market Day where students sell food any opportunity they can get! In class over the next couple of weeks CMM301 students will be signing a formal, 9-page company constitution outlining everything about … More YES They Can!