Maths Burgers!

Maths doesn’t always have to be dry and boring like a stale Vegemite sandwich.
Sometimes it’s more like a juicy burger. YUM!


My two Year 13 Statistics classes are learning how to investigate bi variate data through the use of scatter graphs. The students have lots of ideas to share verbally when analysing the graphs and making predictions. Unfortunately though, some have been struggling when it comes to the report writing aspect.

Last year I came across a handy essay guide that had been left on the photocopier, likening essays to burgers. I thought this was a cool metaphor so I pinned it to my wall to refer to during the written topics in Statistics.


The assessment for this topic is open book and I considered copying the burger information for them to help with the report structure. Then I had the idea to take this a bit further. By getting the students to make model burgers and write on each of the ingredients, they can tailor the information to be as detailed or as general as they wish.

We started by summarising some of the key content for this topic and assembling them into logical places on the board. (Apologies for the reflections in the image.)


The students then collected their ingredients and went for it.

My students loved this activity and happily spent half an hour or so making the finished products. Some of my students work at a couple of local hamburger places; I found it amusing when they became extremely fussy about their burgers being the correct size and assembled in the right order!

Now the burgers are done, I can say slightly strange things in class like,

  • “Now apply your burger to the Marathon data set”
  • “Check your burger – have you written all you can here?”
  • “Which ingredient have you missed?”

All in all, this was a fun activity and one I hope they remember and use again in the next written topic.

A random side note – you would not believe how many WordPress usernames I had to come up with until I found one that wasn’t already taken!!

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