Brain Food Fridays: The Future of Work

future of workThis week’s blog post was inspired by an RNZ National Insight documentary on “The Future of Work”

The documentary asks what will the future be like for today’s students and is education providing the skills that they will need for a future we can’t quite imagine.

Professor Robert Reich from the University of Berkeley talks about the  fourth industrial revolution  and that “The rate of change of technological displacement is faster than the rate at which people can either organise themselves or be educated to get good jobs when they lose the old ones” he says.

What skills and competencies do our students need for this future?

Frances Valintine from The Mindlab at Unitec believes that students need skills that will help them be flexible and adaptable and that “If you are teaching children to learn the answer, actually those core capabilities to problem-solve in a world that’s constantly changing they won’t have. The fixed answer is no longer the valued aspect of education.”

Here is the link: The Future of Work   You can read the article and listen to the podcast from the site.
Here is a link to a recent article about The Mindlab: Changing how kids learn.

Last year I completed the postgraduate certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning at The Mindlab in Petone. The next intake is in July. I really recommend it. Come and have a chat if you would like to find out more about it.


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