Brain Food Fridays: Will Richardson

will richardson 5A recent VLN ( Virtual Learning Network) Forum focused on innovation in schools and links to the ideas of two inspirational educators, Will Richardson and George Couros.

This blog will focus on the ideas from Will Richardson and includes a TEDx talk and one of his recent blog posts.

The Surprising Truth About Learning
Will Richardson is an educator, writer and speaker who advocates for change in education. His talks and articles challenge educators to think differently about learning .

In his  TEDx talk,  The Surprising Truth About Learning, Richardson starts with this question:
will richardson 4

He summarises the key things that most people would say are needed for Powerful Learning and then compares that with what people never say which is often what happens in school. Richardson then asks what could we do differently in schools so that powerful learning happens?

will richardson 3                        will richardson 2

Here is a link to the video.

Stop Innovating in Schools. Please

Richardson also blogs regularly and one of his recent posts was called Stop Innovating in Schools. Please. He challenges educators to question if what we are doing is really preparing the students for their future.

Below are some of his key ideas:

“innovation in schools today is far too focused on improving teaching, not amplifying learning.”

“As we approach 4 billion people in the world with Internet access, there’s little question any longer that those who are learners will have more opportunities for growth and success than those who are learned. And if our work in schools does not have a laser focus on developing our kids as powerful, passionate, persistent learners, we’re not preparing them for their futures.

“Innovation in schools of any type needs to start with the idea that the goal is not to force kids to abandon their passions and interests” 

Here is the link to his blog post: Stop Innovating in Schools. Please

Please think about what you think could be done differently.
We will share some ideas next Friday.

Images from The Surprising Truth About Learning in Schools | Will Richardson | TEDx WestVancouverED





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