Brain Food Fridays

status quoOn Fridays I will share an article, blog post or video on a current issue in education or  with a pedagogical focus.

Accept the Status Quo! I Don’t Think so

Today’s post is a link to a blog post by Celia Fleck. She used to be HOD of Health and PE at Aotea College and now works for Team Solutions as a PE Curriculum Facilitator in Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

Her post is on her experiences at a local school: Pinehaven School  with a focus on how the Year 5/6 Korimako Learning Hub combines Maths and PE with the school bike track.

Fleck  also raises several concerns about the gap between primary and secondary education.

“I left with a growing sense of concern that NZ Secondary Schools are not moving fast enough to keep pace with the innovation that is happening in many primary schools, and the ever changing world that we live in.”

Have a read and see what you think. Lots of food for thought for our Junior Curriculum Review.

Accept the Status Quo? I don’t think so


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