Brain Food Fridays: Digital Fluency

Core Education identified Digital Fluency as one of the Top Ten Trends in Education for 2016 and the Ministry of Education has identified it as one of the priority areas for professional learning.

digital fluency

So what is Digital Fluency?
“Digital fluency is a disposition – A digitally fluent person can decide when to use specific digital technologies to achieve their desired outcome. They can articulate why the tools they are using will provide their desired outcome.”

Leigh Hynes, a Learning with Digital Technologies facilitator, with the Te Toi Tupu Consortium recently wrote a blog post:  “Digital Fluency- What does that really mean?

How can Educators become more Digitally Fluent?

Derek Wenmoth who is the Director of e-Learning at CORE Education has written a post that outlined  3 very useful tips on how to become a digitally fluent educator.

  • Create and curate your digital identity
  • Manage your digital workflow
  • Build your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Useful Links:






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