GAFE Resources


Useful Websites

Google For Education Training Centre: has sections on how to use the various features  of GAFE, ideas from other educators,

Getting Good with Google

Allanah King is a Google Certified Teacher from Nelson who has created this site on how to “Get Good with Google”. It has great tips on how to use the different features of GAFE, including a very good section on using Google Classroom.

How to use GAFE

Tamaki College is part of the Manaiakalani Education Programme.  This site is a “How To” for teachers.

Chris Betcher’s really useful site on using GAFE

Chris Betcher is a Google Certified Teacher who presents at EdTEch Conferences. and his site is an excellent collection of resources with notes, links and videos.

Teacher Tech – Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler’s website is full of really useful tips on using GAFE- especially Google Classroom.

Shake Up Learning

Kasey Bell’s website is full of posts on  educational technology resources, tips and tricks, and classroom integration ideas.  

Control Alt Achieve

Eric Curt’s website is full of useful posts on using GAFE in the classroom