Tips for Using GAFE- Google Apps for Education

Google_-G-_Logo.svgI will regularly post links to useful websites and videos for using digital tools and strategies in the classroom.

This week has a GAFE focus.

Using Google Classroom

Matt Miller, an US educator has a fabulous website called Ditch that Textbook. His most recent post has some excellent tips on how to get more out of using Google Classroom.

10 Tips to Use Google Classroom more effectively and effeciently

I also recommend signing up for his free e-book: 101 Ways to Ditch that Textbook

ditch that textbook
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7 Google Tips 

Kasey Bell is another US educator who has a very useful website called Shake Up Learning. She also is very active on Pinterest so is worth following if you are a Pinterest user.

One of her recent posts had 7 Google Tips to Learn during Spring Break. It has some great tips on using the new Google Forms and the recent updates to Google Docs.

Sharing Google Drive Folders with Contact Groups

Tips on how to easily create Google Contact Groups to make emails and sharing files and folders easier.

Ed-Tech Webinars

Eric Curts has a website called Control Alt Achieve which is full of useful resources and webinars. Every couple of weeks he records a webinar and you can watch them at any time from his website. He has recently recorded webinars on using GAFE tools to overcome plagiarism,  improving writing skills and using Google Drawings in Maths.







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