Brain Food Fridays: Blue Sky High


This week the  Junior Curriculum Review Team will present their recommendations for change. This week’s post includes the Slides Presentation, the supporting document and a link to a reading to support these changes.

Junior Curriculum Review



Blue Sky High

In a recent Set article, Claire Amos wrote Blue Sky High, adapted from one of her blog posts. She outlines 5 Key Recommendations for how schools might change to help students gain the skills they need now and for the future.

  1. One-to one devices with an open internet
  2. Spend more time doing less
  3. Connected Interdisciplinary Learning
  4. Large-scale long-term project learning
  5. Homerooms  with real academic coaching

Here is a link to the article: Blue Sky High

In the article there is reference to a book by  Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith, Most Likely to Succeed and the connected documentary:  Most Likely to Succeed.

I saw the documentary last year  when it was screened in Wellington last year and if there is another showing I recommend going to see it.

Here is a link to the trailer: 







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