Tech Tuesday: GAFE- Google Apps for Education

Google_-G-_Logo.svgHere are some links to recent blog posts with tips on using  GAFE  with students.

Recent Updates in GAFE

Updates to Google Classroomyou can now schedule announcements, assignments and questions to post at a later date and time.

Updates to Google Slides – Q and A feature- during a presentation students can ask questions as you go through the presentation.

100 Google Apps Tutorial Videos

Richard Byrne from has put together a Google Apps tutorials video playlist which includes tutorials on how to use Google Maps, Blogger, Google Sites, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

Here is the link: 100 Google Apps Tutorial Videos

Mangaging Multiple Google Profiles

As more students bring in devices they will have multiple Google Accounts – one for school and one for personal use.  Google has a way to keep the two profiles separate that is built into the  Chrome Browser.  Students and teachers can establish a Chrome profile that is connected to each of their Google accounts.

Here is  the link: Multiple Chrome Profiles

Here is the link to a video tutorial: How to manage multiple Google Accounts

Get Going with GAFE

This Canadian site has been set up to provide guidance for teachers on using GAFE in the classroom. It has great resources on all aspects of GAFE.

Here is the link: Get Going with GAFE



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