Brain Food Fridays: Future Oriented Learning

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To support the next stage in the Teaching as Inquiry Cycle here are some links to a couple of research articles on future oriented learning.

The Nature of Learning

The OECD project – Innovative Learning Environments put together a publication,  The Nature of Learning based on research on different aspects of learning. Here is a link to the Practitioner Guide summary  of the key messages.

The Nature of Learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice

Supporting Future Oriented Learning and Teaching – a New Zealand Perspective

This report based on more than ten years of research on the future of learning came up with six key themes for future oriented learning, including personalising learning, rethinking learners’ and teachers’ roles, and a curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity.

Supporting Future Oriented Learning and Teaching – a New Zealand Perspective – a report for the Ministry of Education, written by NZCER: R Bolstad and J Gilbert with S McDowall, A Bull, S Boyd and R Hipkins.

This Curriculum Update is a short summary of the key findings as well as a good overview of the changing views on learning and knowledge.

There are other research articles in the Shared 2016 SPL Resources for Staff Google Drive Folder: Research Readings.






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